Black Friday, as I shared in my previous post, is the day after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is also the biggest sales day of the year. I don’t think I make sense now, do I? Black Friday sales started from retail stores whereas the Internet started growing and online shopping became more common since a decade ago, Cyber Monday is here to boost more online sales. However, for shoppers like, I’ll online shop no matter what day of the year it is. So how was your Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping? Of course, I did my Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. I bought a few things this year and I just want to share my purchases, share with me what you bought too!

What I bought during Black Friday/Cyber Monday

what i bought during black friday and cyber monday

After a year, my brother and I got ourselves a TV

Yes, my brother and I finally got ourselves a tv – the Samsung 55″ QLED Smart TV because that’s the only thing that’s lacking in our living room. It makes a whole lot of a difference having a TV in our living room. Our living room was completely empty and miserable when we first moved in. I can finally sit on my couch and binge on Netflix and Hulu shows and watch mukbang videos on YouTube. That is such a great feeling.

watching netflix

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To sit on

For the past year, I’ve been sitting on an ottoman to do my makeup at my makeup table. It’s not of the best quality but it was the best thing I could sit on. So this year, I knew I had to get something better than that. After seeing this in Target when I was shopping online, I knew I had to get it. It was like love at first sight. The best part was the price! It was less than $40, such a great deal! Like I mentioned in my previous post, I checked it out in-store to see if it’s the size I wanted and if it fits my makeup table before deciding to purchase it.

Ottoman from Target – It was perfect!

A girl never has enough clothes

I headed to my favorite store, Zara. They had 30% off storewide and I was waiting for the boyfriend anyway, so why not. You can never say no to a 30% storewide discount! Although the queue to the fitting room was crazy long, I thought it’s still a good idea to grab a couple of clothes that caught my eye. If it fits, I can consider purchasing it… But if it doesn’t, at least my bank account will thank me.

Red top $19.90; Skirt $39.90; Striped top $19.90

So I guess I found a whole set from Zara. I think the price is reasonable so it was definitely worth my time to get to the cashier to pay for it. The queue was so long!


has always been one of my favorite online stores since my university days in Manchester. I’ve always liked the quality of the clothing on ASOS and I was always shopping and receiving ASOS parcels when I was in Manchester.

Leopard print dress $29, Yellow top $12

The top is really nice and fitting when I put it on and I’ve wanted leopard prints for a while now. I fell it love the moment I saw this dress, it’s perfect for fall. With a pair of thigh-high boots (which I have yet to purchase), it will be a lovely outfit! I love the yellow top too, it fits me so well I definitely have no regrets paying for it.

Finally found Kiehl’s!

I’ve always wanted to try Kiehl’s! It’s priced below $50 when I saw this on Sephora’s website but I never got it since it’s a little pricey when I was working in Malaysia. So this, to me, was such a great deal since I’ll get to try the moisturizer, eye cream, night oil, and mask. After I finally decided to get my hands on it, it was actually sold out online! However, my other decision to go to the Sephora retail store paid off since I found it in-store. And it was the last one so lucky me!

A full face of makeup

from the same brand is what I’ve always wanted to try. Since I was on a budget, I decided to go for a drugstore brand which also has good reviews of its quality.

e.l.f. full face makeup purchase
My e.l.f. Black Friday purchases

The total didn’t come up to a lot, got them all for a really good price. I also did a full face makeup look and shared it in my next post. I didn’t love everything I bought which of course, isn’t surprising. But overall, it’s a good purchase and I’m so glad I bought it and tried them out.

Never too many purchases during this time of the year

The day after Black Friday, I made a day trip to New Jersey – Red Mill to be exact. Everything there is so much more affordable compared to NYC, I just couldn’t believe it. I’ll never find the same price in the city for the exact same thing I can get there.

at red mill, new jersey
Bought the cute ring at Red Mill, New Jersey

Amidst the bustling stalls of the indoor market at Red Mill, New Jersey that weekend, one particular vendor’s display caught my eye. It showcased a stunning array of jewelry, each piece meticulously crafted by the owner herself. Mesmerized by the intricacies of her craftsmanship, I found myself drawn to the delicate details, spending what felt like an eternity admiring her creations. After much contemplation, I decided to purchase two pendants, each carrying its own unique charm. Yet, even after the transaction was complete, I lingered, captivated by the allure of her designs.

It was then that I spotted the adorable wristwatch, gleaming amidst the treasures on display. Unable to resist its charm, I added it to my collection, completing my ensemble. As a token of appreciation, the owner graciously gifted me with a pair of matching red earrings, adding an extra touch of elegance to my newfound treasures. Suffice to say, my time at Red Mill was spent immersed in the beauty of her jewelry, leaving an indelible impression on my heart. And amidst the sparkle of gems and the shimmer of metals, I couldn’t help but notice the subtle sign for a watch service nearby, a reassuring presence for any collector of timeless pieces like myself.

full purchase of clothes, accessories and skincare for black friday 2018

It was a great Black Friday experience so far. Don’t think I went too crazy with my purchases. The most pricey purchase was the TV but I shared it with my brother and it’s totally a necessity! This is the best time of the year to get Christmas gifts (or any other gifts) which can also be dangerous for people like me who love shopping.

How did your Black Friday shopping go? Do share your experience and purchases with me!

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