Mukbang, in Korean, means eating. These videos are basically for viewers to watch people binge eating food. The thought of hearing people bite, chew, and slurp noodles sounds pretty disgusting huh? Don’t judge before you watch one video because who knows, you may get addicted. Like me. You have no idea how addictive these videos are. 

How? When? Why?

I was “introduced” to the mukbang community when I moved to NYC and one night, I was craving for food so badly.. and the rest is history. There are a couple of reasons I like these YouTubers and it’s simple:

– finish your food. It bothers me a lot when someone prepares 10 packets of noodles but only have a stomach capacity for 7 packets. Then make 7 packets, not 10.
– videos that aren’t too long. Some YouTubers like to chit chat while eating which is their style but I prefer just watching a 10-15 min video just about eating. Because that’s what I’m here for – watch you eat.
– keep your mouth relatively clean, honey. Noodle sauce all over your mouth and chin and cheek, nope, just can’t.

So here goes!

Yuka Kinoshita

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She’s so adorable!

Oh gosh, she’s my top, my favorite and she eats A LOT. She usually shares the number of calories of the meal she’s having on the title of her video and the number ain’t small. One thing’s for sure,  I definitely can’t have 10 packets of instant noodles for a meal… So look at her popular uploads that are over 10m.. Don’t they all look so good?!

If you haven’t watched her videos, you really need to check out her channel!

Hong Sound

His video intro is basically him singing (with music) about what he’ll be eating in this video and for some, he sings about the recipes too. HOW INTERESTING! He usually just comments on the food he’s eating rather than chit-chatting so this is acceptable, I like it when YouTubers share with me how their food tastes like. 

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Over a million views:

Most spicy Kimchi in Korea Eating show! with 6.9m views. This looks crazy spicy omgosh.
Bburinkle chicken and Cheese ball Eating show! with 1.4m views.
Very Spicy Tteokbokki Eating Show!


Though her video intro ain’t as interesting as Hong Sound (sorry, love!), she does share her recipes and cooking with her viewers, that’s good enough. 

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Over a million views videos:

This Kimchi video title is entirely in Korean lol and I definitely don’t understand, it’s got 14m views though (and no English subtitles)
Spicy Noodle Mukbang with 13m views
Lobster mukbang with 7.7m views, I rarely see YouTubers eat lobster so this is an interesting one lol! Every time I watch this, I feel like I want to try recipes like lobster shrimp bisque!

Man, she’s got A LOT of videos with A LOT of views. The list goes on, just check out her channel.

Minee Eats

OH I COMPLETELY APPRECIATE ENGLISH SUBTITLES! And this is how my next favorite Korean Youtuber communicates with her viewers.  No chitchatting, only eating. She is one of those YouTubers that don’t reveal her whole face, only her lips and below. So it’s important she keeps her lips clean at all time because it’s the only thing we’re seeing. This is also a great way to promote lipsticks lol. 

Over a million views videos:

ASMR ALOE VERA & HONEYCOMB with 2.5m views. The crunchy sounds are pretty damn satisfying, don’t you think?
ASMR CHEESY SPICY RICE CAKE with noodles with 1.8m views! Guuurrl, why didn’t you finish your noodles?
ASMR Cheesy Tteokbokki with Udon Noodles with 1.5m views. I actually really like the cheesy noodles sounds haha.

They need to share their workout routine with me (or at least motivate me), eating so much yet so slim #thatsthedream. But at the same time, they’re eating SO MUCH spicy food.. #notreallymydream. I had french toasts for 3 weekends straight last year (read my National French Toast Day post) and I haven’t had any since then, I don’t know how they do it…

So now that I’ve shared my favorite mukbang YouTubers, I really really need to know.. 

Are you team mukbang?

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