I’ve never thought about printing out photos since digital cameras and photos became.. a thing. Actually, I must say that I forgot you could do that! I’m a 90s child so yes, I’ve been exposed to using film cameras. Now whenever I think printed photos, I think of developing photos. Wow. That was almost two decades ago that I’ve come across one.

Two weeks ago, I dropped by Canon’s pop up shop in SoHo, NYC. They’ve got a couple of different camera models that you can actually use around the shop, to learn the features of the cameras. It’s great for both amateur and experienced photographer to unleash the creative part in them and produce great Instagram-able photos. Of course, everything is all about Instagram now, you know it’s true.

At the end of our tour around the shop, that’s where you can print out your photos. Just insert the SD card from the camera into the printer and after a few clicks, ta-dah there’s your creative art.

SELPHY CP1300 White Wireless Compact Photo Printer
The Canon SELPHY printer, you can check it out in the Canon USA website

I’d love to share more about my experience at pop ups but I thought sharing my experience of using a photo printer in 2018 will be funnier.

Warning: unglam photos coming your way!

So.. how do I use this printer. Where do I click? Focus, focus
I think I got the right button. Is it working? Is it?
I think it’s working. Let’s take a closer look.
Ok.. this is taking a long time.. Is it done? Is it done? *mind wanders off
Omg here it is! I printed a photo of me.. a studio photo of me..
This is pretty funny. Fun’s over, ready to go?

So yes, I did have a lot of fun with the printer, you can choose different layouts, whether you want a collage or a single picture. In your collage, you can decide how many pictures you want it in.

Have you printed out photos lately? Which is your favorite printer? Do share! (:

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