I’ve never been a fan of French toast, whenever there’s an option between French toast or waffles for a breakfast style dish, waffles hands down.

Want a bite?

Since today is National French Toast Day which I found out a month ago, I decided to challenge myself to try French toasts from different restaurants around NYC. It’s been 4 weeks of French toast so I probably won’t be having it anytime soon. I’m listing the restaurants that I tried in order, here’s a hint – it only gets better.

The Grey Dog

Based on the menu, I had two options – get the sweet dish french toast or savory bacon and eggs with french toast. Because I wasn’t feeling anything sweet that day, I decided to go with a breakfast dish with eggs and french toast. It counts, right? There’s french toast in the dish, just with bacon and eggs and no bananas or berries.

This was my first time having french toast, or I must say the first time in a very long time.

In The Grey Dog, you basically order at the counter, wait to get seated (it’s first come first serve) and you should be expecting a very tiny space for yourself. When my coffee was ready at the counter, I had to stand at the side with it to wait for a table and mind you, it gets really crowded on a Saturday afternoon.

Sadly, I didn’t enjoy my food. And when will I ever learn that sometimes bacon is just not my thing? Since this was my first time at Grey Dog and it wasn’t the best experience (mainly because I didn’t like my food), I don’t have the best impression of it but I heard good things about this place. Definitely need to give it another chance and try something else the next time!

I’d still like to try the sweet french toast though, I’ll probably like it better. But after a month of having french toast, I’ll save this for at least two months from now.


5pm and I wanted to have french toast. But we’re in NYC, you can find french toast even at 10pm. Wait, can you? Let me do my research..

Sourdough French Toast

They’ve got almond crusts! After having The Grey Dog (my first french toast experience in a long time), this toast was absolutely delicious to me. With bananas and berries, yeah, now this really feels like I’m having french toast.

The table I was seated at at MUD was just as tight as the one I was at Grey Dog. Really, is it a thing to have tiny tables and spaces barely wide enough for me to walk through in restaurants serving french toasts? Guess I need to explore more.


Serving Malaysian, specifically Nyonya cuisine, Kopitiam which means coffee shop surprised me when I found out they serve milo french toast. Woah. I don’t recall having this in Malaysia. So when I found out about this dish, my inner Malaysian knew I had to try it.

Milo french toast
$8 bread with milo and condensed milk

It must be the condensed milk because I felt so full and bloated after a couple of bites but you need to try it, it’s really delicious! It definitely goes well with a cup of Malaysian coffee for breakfast. However, one thing about this toast is that it’s a little on the pricey side because this small breakfast/snack dish is $8! No really, it’s expensive. But it’s NYC huh, nothing is too expensive here.

Milo french toast at Kopitiam
It’s better than I expected!

Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant

Over 5k photos and 4k reviews on Yelp, I’m sure everyone (or most people) who lives in NYC will know this place! Located at 4 Clinton St, this restaurant’s daytime menu (which includes some breakfast dishes) is served all day! Yay!

Brioche French Toast

Can’t believe how much I love this french toast. The portion wasn’t as big as I thought which is perfect for brunch (I had it for dinner so that really wasn’t filling or maybe I’m just eating too much). And just so you know, the bananas are hot!

So if your stomach capacity is anywhere near mine, my initial plan was to have half of this plate.. that’s all. But it was way too small a portion for dinner. So I added on

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

I absolutely love the corn bread but the chicken was a little too dry for me. Maybe I’ll try something else the next time. And the best part of the day is – DESSERT. Unfortunately I really didn’t have room to fit a pie in though I really wanted to. Just didn’t want to end up puking in the middle of the restaurant. And boy, their dessert menu is mouth watering, really.

Maybe next time.

Four Restaurants, Four French Toasts

Definitely taking a break from this sweet dish in a while now. But it’s been a great experience trying different places. When you say french toast, I immediately think bananas and berries. Which is what was served. But each restaurants improvise differently. Like MUD has almond crusts in it; us Malaysians and our milo and of course, hot bananas are amazing!

So Happy National French Toast Day to you! Please share with me any good restaurants to have french toast AND recipes too! I should challenge myself next to make french toast actually, I definitely have a spacious living room and kitchen to enjoy my cooking whilst watching my favorite movie on Netflix!

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