They say New York City can be pricey, especially if you eat out all the time and at expensive restaurants. If you’re in love with Broadway shows, that just adds to the cost of living in this vibrant city. So yes, if you love eating out and watching Broadway shows, it is expensive to live in New York City. Today’s the last day of NYC Winter Outing Week 2019 which I participated in it, now I want to share my experience and choices of this winter’s Restaurant Week and Broadway Week with you!

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Restaurant Week in New York City

It wasn’t very exciting for me. I didn’t really have plans to try many restaurants…

Alright, you got me, how can anyone not want to try the participating restaurants when you’re getting a good deal? It’s $26 for brunch/lunch (appetizer and main) and $42 for dinner (appetizer, main, dessert).

However, going to a $$$$ restaurant in Manhattan that has 5 stars and 1k reviews does not mean that you’ll get the best food. I can’t say much because I don’t often go (it can get really pricey to try all the restaurants). After all, you’re getting a prix fixe menu.

Also, I usually go to Manhattan on weekends, usually on Saturdays.

FYI: No Restaurant Week on Saturdays. Bummer.

Back to Restaurant Week. Since it was the first day of Chinese New Year on February 5th, Tuesday why not go out and have a nice meal, it is, after all, the biggest day in the Chinese culture. So we ended up going for:

Butter Midtown

After stepping into the restaurant, we were shown to our table, descending into a spacious, rather dark dining room with beautiful bars at the entrance and side. Service was pretty good, I must say. Water was brought to the table quickly, our server greeted us with a smile and our order went smoothly.

I see people on Yelp praising the delicious bread and butter and I must say, it really is as good as I expected. Here is the dinner menu for Restaurant Week

Prior to arriving at the restaurant, I completely forgot what was on the menu so I was really excited to try the gnocchi mac and cheese or the pork chop or the steak.. or.. whatever that I saw on the menu.

So when I saw this menu… Fine. I’ll take it.

restaurant week in new york city
Appetizer, Butter Midtown for Restaurant Week

Seeing that there’s calamari, rock shrimp, and conch, I figured that this dish will be worth my money! You know what, I really need to learn to control my expectations because it’s not what I thought it is. I guess red wine vinegar isn’t my thing. I can’t figure out what taste it is, I just know there’s something about the dish that I dislike. Didn’t really sit and completely analyze it, I know I just wanted to eat it up and move on to the next dish.
Main Dish
restaurant week new york city
Prime Roast Beef, Butter Midtown for Restaurant Week

Cod cakes… Nah… Ravioli.. don’t have meat though. Alright then, I shall settle with the prime roast beef. I must say, the onion potato cake does taste pretty nice. The beef, on the other hand, really looks and feels like ham in a sandwich that I can get at Key Food. It doesn’t taste too bad but I really did expect better. Before I knew it, I finished it and was looking forward to dessert.
restaurant week new york city
Dessert, Butter Midtown for Restaurant Week

Yup, chocolate milk panna cotta. I really love the chocolate beads on top, the texture wasn’t too bad. Honestly, it’s not a dessert that I fell head over heels in love with. It’s a great end to the 3-course meal we had.

Up next,

Broadway Week in New York City

I love Broadway and this is what I’m most excited about. I’m a real Broadway addict.

Btw, did you know Kinky Boots in closing this April, I’m so heartbroken! Definitely need to watch it again. I digress.

As mentioned in my NYC Outing Week post, I chose to watch two shows:

The Band’s Visit
broadway week new york city
The Band’s Visit, Broadway Week
Read here: The Band’s Visit for Broadway Week
The Book of Mormon

This show is amazing! I love it so much! The theatre was brightly lit and filled with laughter as well as nice, attractive songs. I’m guilty of not writing about this show on my blog but I will. Soon.

Sharing my experience

I’m so happy I got to share what I did for this winter’s Restaurant Week and Broadway Week in New York City. I always look forward to this program as it’s the best opportunity to dine at pricier restaurants and tick off Broadway shows that are on my list.

Would you participate in Restaurant Week and Broadway Week in New York City? What are the restaurants you’d like to try and the shows you’d like to watch?

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