The things I do for free food:

  • Getting out of bed at 6am on a Sunday
  • Finally stepping foot into Greenpoint territory
  • Heavy lifting

When I moved to NYC last year, I was looking around for volunteering work, wanted to give back to the American society the moment I touched down. How noble of me. I don’t remember how I came across TASTE WG and volunteering for the event but I didn’t make it last year so this year, when I received the email, I immediately signed up for it.

The cheap side of me is going to admit, I did it because volunteers get a free ticket and you can eat as much as you can! I’m not used to paying a cover charge to nibble on different food so this is perfect. Work for food!

Morning shift

The shift I chose is from 830am to 1pm. It takes me an hour to travel to Greenpoint, Brooklyn from Queens. Having to get out of bed at 6am on a SUNDAY is tough. Again, the things I do for free food. I started work once I reached (no procrastinating when it comes to food) and it was hard work. Literally. There were lots of lifting, putting tables together, more lifting, distributing plastic cutlery. There may be more, I’m tired just thinking of what I did that day.

I was working so hard I didn’t get to take (many) photos of my hard work – putting together bar tables.

Volunteering - carrying a box
Look at them gloves!

The event started at about 11am-12 noon, I don’t know how time flew by, we actually spent 3 hours just setting the place up. Once it’s up and running, it’s our turn to relax and eat. Eat everything I have set my eyes on.

There were so much food, ranging from oysters to pasta to doughnuts and ice cream sandwich. You can find Kombucha and alcohol too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Extended bar table
I helped set this up!
Taste WG 2018
Did I not mention, volunteers get a t shirt too?

First stop, oysters

I never expected a participating restaurant serving oysters so I was pretty excited to try it! Yes, it tasted amazing.

Mexican food – Zona Rosa Brooklyn

I absolutely love this – Barano

This tasted so amazing, I really wanted to get another one but figured I should save some stomach space to try other things. When I came home, I decided to check out this restaurant (online, of course) and if I remember correctly, what I had was Scarpinocc. Looking at their menu on Yelp, I read that it’s “Rabbit, Foie Gras , Cherries, Pecorino di Fossa, Aged Balsamic, Cocoa Nib”. Oh m gee… did I just have rabbit???? Yes or no, that tasted good. Guess food will taste better when you don’t know what you’re eating.

Cheese is next!

I wanted a third piece, really.

Tell me you don’t love any sort of desserts..

Scoops in Cahoots tasted so good! I don’t think they’ve got a store in NYC but I found out that they’ll be at a couple of events the next month – check them out here. On Oct 28, they’ll be at the “Damn, Gina!” pop up, which sounds really interesting! I might just check it out!

Nobody can possibly hate

Coolhaus ice cream sandwich
Ice cream sandwich

And finally, for a hot sunny day, one needs a cool drink

I was really stuffing myself for two hours and really, take it easy gurllll..

The reason why I chose the morning shift was so that after stuffing myself with all the food, I can see on the grass and enjoy the sun (and take a nap too).

And that was exactly what happened!

By the time I woke up, the sun was setting. And that sight was perfect.

This is my first time volunteering at a food fair in New York City and it’s such a great experience! (mostly because I get lots of free food) I’d definitely want to volunteer again next year, hopefully there’ll be more vendors and different food for everyone to try (:

Tickets this year were Idk.. about $30 maybe? It was up to $85 for a late ticket. Honestly, I don’t know whether it’s worth paying close to $100 for a food fair but if you’re like me,

Just work for food (:

Are you willing to pay $100 for a food fair? I’m just curious to know.

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