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I am five months late but it’s because I spent a month deciding whether to get the Ring The Alarm by Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette and needed a couple of months to practice using the palette. Don’t judge me, I’m no makeup expert and until today, despite wearing makeup for a while now, my skills are still so bad. But hey, I’m still learning!

I wanted to get myself a new eyeshadow palette (warm color ones get boring after so many years) so if you’re like me, ask yourself:

  1. What eyeshadow colors do you want to try?
  2. How much would you buy it for?
  3. What is the kind of look you want to go for?
  4. Any new palette reviews on YouTube that catch your attention?

All these questions brought me to the Ring The Alarm by Jaclyn Hill palette. Furthermore, this palette is absolutely affordable, I got it from Ulta Beauty for $15,!

First impression: Packaging

First off, I must say that I absolutely love the packaging, there’s a mirror in it and I’ve been using it every time I use the palette. And what I love is that the names of each color are printed on the palette so it’s easy to find whichever color that I need (when I’m on YouTube watching tutorials).

As mentioned earlier, I’m not make up expert so all these while I’ve been sticking to neutrals, can’t go wrong with it. Now I want to be a little more bold and step out of my comfort zone and since it’s fall, it’ll be nice to have some orange on my eyelids.

Ring The Alarm Jaclyn Hill palette
Ring The Alarm by Jaclyn Hill palette

Next, tutorials

The best way to learn is from YouTube, of course. Jaclyn Hill is well known in the beauty community and her palettes are good that there are ample videos on creating different looks. But I seriously hate it when I can’t achieve the looks that I want to geez.

Ring the alarm make up look

Here are a couple of YouTube videos of the looks I like:

Brianna Fox

A Lunar New Year look!!! That’s the first thing that came to my mind.

I’ve actually never watched her tutorials and stumbled upon hers whilst looking for tutorials for this palette. Now I’ve got an extra person to turn to for make up advice. I absolutely love the look she did, it’s red-based and her eyes totally popped with the colors. A bold look I’d wear with some plain color clothing, giving my eyes 100% attention. I can totally imagine my coworker saying I’m putting on too much makeup when I turn up to the office with this look but who cares, red symbolizes good fortune, who doesn’t want the good luck?

Ashley Ayan

I love how the color is pretty light, a look I wouldn’t mind wearing during the day with a pop of gold which makes the overall colors stand out. This look, to me is in between a bold look (like Brianna Fox’s) and a more subtle, light look (like Lily Vargas’s) which I would definitely wear if I want to look a little more dressy.

Lily Vargas

This is a regular everyday daytime look I’d go for. Doesn’t feel like it’s too heavy and at the same time, there’s some color to the eye. Lily pretty much used 3 colors, the transition shade, a slightly darker color on the outer eyelid and blended it in with the lighter orange, and finally, a darker color on the eyelid itself. My first thought when I saw her color choice was that it’s going to look really dark, isn’t it… I’m not sure whether I like it. But her finish look changed my mind, popping on lashes make a difference.

Tried a look when I visited the pumpkin patch – orange to blend in (:

Creating the look and learning more about makeup

Since I bought it, I’ve worn it a couple of times. I chose to wear it in the fall since the colors go well with the season. And another time, I wore it to a pop up store in NYC.

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Since stepping out of my comfort zone of warm colors, I’ve learned..
  1. Blending well is extremely important. I’ve had the color Alert on my crease once without blending it well once and gosh, it was too heavy and just.. didn’t look as nice as I thought it would.
  2. A little at a time. Beauty gurus always say that you should take a little at a time to blend it out well and take more if you need to. Of course, it’d be difficult if so much is on the lid, it’ll take you forever to blend it out and the outcome just wouldn’t look the same.
  3. Practice goes a long way. And I still am practicing.
makeup palette ring the alarm jaclyn hill
Using the palette on the streets of NYC
So the question is,

Is this palette worth it?


For the price of $15 and the beautiful colors that can create so many different looks, you got to grab one yourself now!

Please share with me what kind of looks you do/will do with this Ring The Alarm by Jaclyn Hill palette, would love to learn the skills and technique that I’m lacking from you girls!

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