When I first heard about Wonderworld and saw pictures of it on social media, I knew I’ll enjoy it. Unfortunately, it’s closed in NYC but for you LA-ians out there, go visit it if you can! Check out their website here. I love this pop up so much I can close my eyes and retrace my steps and relive my experience. This sounds super dramatic but it’s the best pop up experience I’ve had so far so don’t mind me! I’ve got nothing but good things to say!

Warning: way too many pictures in this post. If you can’t take it, I forgive you (:

Let this wonderful journey begin!

Ya ready?

The beginning started with.. fungi

I feel all Alice in Wonderland at the beginning of this journey. I don’t remember whether she was surrounded by mushrooms though..

Hiding from possible danger

Good thing is, I got past here alive and unharmed. Well, how can I be unharmed, it’s a safe place! Guess it’s just all in my head. I remember holding up the mushroom as if it’s an umbrella.. Don’t know how that happened but you’re not supposed to do that!

How about a bath?

Bathing on cloud nine and balloons hanging over you seems like a dream. But let’s just be real, I’m not the only one on this journey so can you imagine how many people “took a bath” here? Trust me, it was pretty nasty lying down in it. So I’m not sure whether I’m dirty after being around fungi or dirty after taking a bath. Which do you think?

Got a little hungry after my bath, so I wanted to go food hunting.

But I saw the lights,

And got tangled it in

No pun intended *winks

Everybody loves neon lights, more like everybody loves bokeh shots.

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Finally some food!

So happy we finally found something to eat because I was getting really hangry. Really, really hangry.


Tea, anyone?

“There really isn’t much that can’t be solved by a decent cup of tea.” – Louisa Clark from Me Before You

I recently visited an Asian milk tea pop up (read it here), whether it’s Asian or Western, I do enjoy tea! Which do you prefer?

Anyway, no longer hangry. Let’s move on.

I started seeing clouds!

Being among clouds is such a great feeling. I’ve always wondered how it’s like to be on it, like a fairy sprinkling water down onto Earth (which is rain to mortals). It’s just so cute, these clouds. I’d like to think that lighting here is really bad and not that we’ve got bad camera skills (we’re still learning). Now that we’ve found the clouds, it means that we’re near!

Keep moving…

And there it is!

I found the beautiful moon and being a millennial, I took out my phone and wanted to share this amazing news with everyone I knew. Seriously, there’s actually service up on the moon. Technology these days really blow my mind! I really can’t express how beautiful it is being on the moon, with clouds around me. So peaceful, so serene. I actually didn’t want to leave..

Hiya cloud, come here come here

I definitely didn’t know what my goal was when I started this journey and I didn’t know what was at the end but it didn’t matter to me. There were surprises and beautiful things I saw on my way to my final destination. Sometimes it’s okay to not know where you’re going to end up.

In reality though, ultimately, you still want to set a final goal for yourself so I must say, the destination does matter. I’d like to think of focusing on many ways to get there, the different journeys I’ll take, going through different experiences and building a character for myself. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

I guess I’m trying to say the journey is important but so is the destination and I’ll keep reminding myself of that. Nevertheless, here’s the end of my experience in this wonderful world, so

Peace Cheese out, peeps!

I’m not the biggest fan of cheese but I couldn’t help this block of cheese. For some reason, I found it super cute. It’s just there, sitting at the side of the room so why not take a picture with it? Or on in.. or in it.. Whatever.


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Do you always have a destination in mind or you prefer to just follow your heart and create a journey for yourself and let it lead you?

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