and everything nice!

Except there was nothing really nice about this pop up. At least, to me. Well, it did however, give me a reason to go to Brooklyn as I rarely do.

I was pretty bummed because I forgot all this pop up until the end of the month/year of 2018 where the holiday season was pretty much over. But I still went anyway, just to check it out. As expected, it was a quiet day, I believe most people were there before Christmas because it makes sense to have holiday props up on Instagram before the year ends.. and it was also 1130am when I went so no crowd. Or in this case, no one.

We didn’t get to get into the bubble..

The moment I opened the door, I was speechless. It really wasn’t as impressive I thought. In fact, I was really disappointed. Then I got annoyed when I was told I only have 45 mins here. Huh? Am I missing something? Is it normal? This is the first pop up that is literally kicking me out. What can I do in 45 mins? But anyway, we needed to make full use of the 3/4 of an hour that we have.

Christmas Kitchen

Christmas vibes were over by the time I was there but it’s still nice to see a kitchen decorated so prettily. It’s also because my kitchen was never decorated like this. Actually, my apartment isn’t even decorated.. I think I should start making my apartment feel like home.

Polar Bears

are the cutest! There weren’t just one bear but many bears, all in the igloo. I was just worried I’d get lipstick marks all over them. Don’t worry, I didn’t.

Giving this cutie a bear back

Here are the other cuties, all lazing around.

My cookie dream

came true! You don’t know this but I have a thing for cookies. Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chunk cookies, peanut butter cookies, everything but oatmeal cookies. Does anybody even like oatmeal cookies?

Any cookie lover would love bathing in cookies. Or is it just me?

The dark room

It was dark. And small. The neon lights were pretty nice. I don’t even know what am I talking about lol. It wasn’t the most impressive but good enough for a couple of pictures. I guess I just wasn’t prepared for it, I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know what to do when I was there. It didn’t help when I was told I have exactly 45 mins before I have to leave.

My second pop up experience

was surprisingly not better than my first. I didn’t know what to expect at my first pop up experience at Sip Shop Eat, you can read about it here. But nevertheless, I didn’t regret going and it’s all because of them polar bears and cookies! They totally saved this disappointing experience.

My post next weekend will be about another pop up experience, stay tuned!

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