Three years ago, I learned that my best friend was engaged to her boyfriend of three years. At the end of 2018, she asked me to be her maid of honor and of course I said yes. The day that we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, exactly three months ago. Her closest friends who are now located in different countries and different continents flew to a beautiful city to attend this event.


I reached the airport and just couldn’t believe that I was there and the wedding was just a couple of days away. Then I headed to the bride-to-be’s hotel room and a couple of us, really good friends just sat and enjoyed each other’s company til 5am. Well, the initial plan was to stay til 12am but years of expired conversations just kept popping up.

I just don’t get it, why isn’t he one of her bridesmaids..

Her Bridal Shower

was the following day. Bringing together her friends and in-laws for a meal was not easy to plan when the venue is 4,500 miles away. But it all turned out fine. At least I think it did. Honestly, the tea really wasn’t that great but hey, you try planning and finding a venue from four thousand miles away. That aside, it didn’t seem like there were many places that could host 20 ladies with a fancy view and pretty set up.

Tea time @ Hotel Corinthia

I would say I’m in between an introvert and extrovert and I knew that was the day I had to be an extrovert. I knew no one on the table except for a girlfriend who sat really far from me and the bride-to-be’s mother. Did I mention her husband-to-be is Irish? Yes, with a family of thick accents. Conversations with his best mates and family required a lot of focus just in case I misheard any words and make a fool out of myself.

The Wedding Day

It’s here! The day we’ve been waiting for, finally here!

Getting ready

I barely slept the past few days, with all the catching up with my friends, Game of Thrones season finale (yes, I actually got up at 3am (9pm EST) to watch it) so getting up at 8am was difficult. But hey, that’s what I was there for!

With her bridesmaids

You may kiss the bride

I was really surprised how quick the ceremony was. The moment we reached the venue, the bride walked down the aisle and about 15 minutes later, they exchanged rings, kissed and we were heading out for some pictures.

The wedding reception

brought out all sorts of crazy emotions in me.

I was happy to see all my friends and best friends and celebrating such an important occasion.

I was crying because I miss them so much (which translates to me being happy).

I was anxious because I wanted everything to go well.

I was frustrated because well.. there’s a story to it and I’ll save that for.. another time..

I was impatient because I was giving better photo directions than her photographer (no offence).

But most of all, I was grateful. Grateful we kept this promise to be there at her wedding, grateful I could afford the trip, grateful my boyfriend was there with me.

Oh and I was drunk if that counts as an emotion. I do get emotional when I’m drunk, maybe that’s why. Because that’s classic me.

The ones who are willing to fly (or try to fly) to another country for your wedding are the ones worth keeping.
Well, not all. But we definitely are worth keeping.
Love, your Manchester fam
Now, laugh.

I don’t have many words to describe the night except we that we had so much fun. It wasn’t just being able to see friends I haven’t seen in (literally) years but also celebrating one of the most important events of the bride’s life.

‘sneaking’ out for a group picture
“Now tell me where can I get the cheapest liquid detergent.” – your maid of honor


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