Next pop up experience for the month: Hong Kong style! Yes, this pop up is tea based theme and whole room is so cute, look at the pictures on Instagram! The word tea is widely not just in Hong Kong but around the world. Tea can refer to chinese tea, a beverage made from leaves of a plant and boiled water. When Hong Kong-ers say “let’s go for tea on Saturday”, it can mean going for dimsum, a Chinese cuisine with food served in small portions or in steamed baskets. Tea ceremony is also a significant part of the Chinese wedding where the bride and groom pay their respects to their families and of course, serve them tea. As a Malaysian Chinese, I felt this pop up is part of my culture and I was really excited for it!

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Just fyi,

Teh is also a word for tea which we use in Malaysia

Welcome to Hong Kong

This part of the room is my favorite, it takes up the whole 2nd floor and it’s breathtaking. I grew up watching Hong Kong dramas and have visited Hong Kong myself so being there feels so familiar.

The sign on the far right says congee and noodles which feels like Hong Kong. And seeing signs that say “open 24 hours” remind me of where I come from, Malaysia. Although most places are open 24 hours in Malaysia but there isn’t a sign that says it’s open 24 hours haha. I remember getting all excited when I saw this part of the room.

The welcome (open) sign on the right is exactly how Chinese people greet their customers
Pawn shops are always mentioned in the Hong Kong dramas that I watched when I was younger.


will guide you home…” – Coldplay

Really a lot of lanterns and petals around
Inner peace.

Neon lights

One of the many reasons we all love this pop up. It’s perfect for taking close up, portraits, bokeh.

One of my favorite shots (:

This pop up definitely is one of my favorite, really, who wouldn’t like it when the admission ticket comes with milk tea! But the main reason why I love it is because the neon lights and the set up which is similar to Hong Kong makes it feel like I’m really on the streets on Hong Kong. I can’t wait to visit that beautiful country again! Aside from this pop up, I’ve shared other pop experiences at Sip Shop Eat and Sugar and Spice, check it out if you haven’t!

Which pop up do you like?
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