My first pop up! Not just in New York City but my actual first pop up which was back in August 2018 so I was pretty excited for it. And I’m here, bringing you on my journey to exploring a pop up and sharing my experience with you.


I walked in and saw this. My first thought was, where are the tarot card readers? I thought I could do my nails? It doesn’t seem to be busy.. where are the vendors? Okay.. there’s one, two, three.. a couple here. It was really empty that day, I’m not sure whether it’s because I was early (I reached at about 12pm) or because it was a Sunday (it looked really fun and busy the day before). I checked out the website before getting the tickets and truthfully, it was pretty disappointing.

But wait. There’s a door behind.. wonder where it leads to…

Yes, food. Is that cupcakes I’m seeing?

There’s a little room in the back that is decorated as a living room with vintage decor which I think is really nice. I’m a sucker for vintage so this was perfect.

Fun fact: I learned how to play the piano since 6 and actually went through exams (and passed!) but I no longer have one so seeing one here got me really excited.

So anyway,

I felt a little bored after a while, nothing much seemed to excite me. No wait, something did excite me. For a short while.

Something about vintage phones or payphones gets me excited. Anything vintage gets me excited, to be honest. It’s just too bad I’ve never actually used a payphone.. Have you?

Where was I after..

Oh yes, so I headed back out to try to find something fun to do and just try to enjoy myself.

But really,

You can tell I was trying too hard eh.. In conclusion, it wasn’t as fun as I thought it was gonna be but I’m still glad I went because there’ll be more pop ups to explore after this! One of it was the Canon pop up that I went, photographers had a hands on experience with a couple of different models of cameras (you pick one) and to use the Canon SELPHY Wireless Photo Printer too. There were on-site camera experts as well and was a great opportunity to take great Instagram-able photos.

So which pop ups have you been to and which are your favs?

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