Sip Shop Eat is my first pop up in New York City and I was so excited when I saw it being promoted on Instagram. The official website looked really pink and fun and cute. There’s cotton candy, popcorn, tarot card reading, and so on! I had to get tickets for this pop-up! So I bought them for my boyfriend and I and we saved the date! Plus, it’s in Brooklyn, I rarely go to Brooklyn so this was a great chance to wander around.

My First Pop Up Experience, Sip Shop Eat!

popcorn and cotton candy at sip shop eat in brooklyn, nyc

We reached pretty early that day, around 12 pm to avoid the potentially large crowd. I did my research on social media, seems like the crowd the day before was insane. And it’s not a huge space so I don’t think I want to be sandwiched and trying to find a space to breathe instead of enjoying myself with popcorns and balloons.

sip shop eat in brooklyn nyc

As I said, it was my first pop up. I didn’t know there were props for people to take pictures. You know, for the ‘gram 😉 It wasn’t a huge space so what was within my view was what was there at the pop up.

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My thoughts at that moment were

Where are the tarot card readers? I thought I could do my nails? It doesn’t seem to be busy… where are the vendors? Okay.. there’s one, two, three… a couple here.

I was really confused. And obviously disappointed. Sip Shop Eat was my first pop up experience and it didn’t seem to be giving me the best first impression. There were a couple of vendors, I didn’t see anywhere to do my nails nor any tarot card readers, I didn’t even know we had to pay for drinks.

cocktails at sip shop eat in brooklyn, nyc

There was also a room at the back of the space which was decorated like a living room. And it was vintage. I’m a sucker for vintage decorations, vintage styles, anything vintage. So that room made up for the disappointment I had when I walked in. It wasn’t a ginormous living room, again, whatever that was within my view was all there was. Turn your body 360 degrees and that’s basically it.

vintage decoration at sip shop eat in brooklyn, NYC
At least I see free food though the iPad kinda ruined the vibe

rotary dial phone in sip shop eat in brooklyn, nyc
Calling my mom to tell her I’m traveling back in time

It wasn’t a pop up that made me want to stay for 5 hours to take pictures because there just wasn’t much to be excited about. I didn’t want to leave right away since I already paid for it so I headed back out to the front to try and get a couple of pictures. Pictures that I paid for. But the pictures didn’t turn out great because I just stood at any random spot for a picture. Like really, I was a complete pop up noob. Just a noob, in general. Or an Instagram noob. Whatever you want to call it.

Be ready to giggle (don’t laugh) at the terrible pictures below

popcorn prop at sip shop eat in brooklyn, nyc

pineapple prop at sip shop eat in brooklyn, nyc

It wasn’t as fun as I thought it was gonna be but I’m still glad I went because there’ll be more pop-ups to explore. New York City really has so much to do because yes, there were more pop-ups that I checked out and I really love them.

Have you been to Sip Shop Eat? What other pop-ups have you been to and how was your experience like?

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