Looking back at this month in 2019, July 2020 is definitely different due to the pandemic. I was out of my apartment more often, I traveled to a different state in 2019, this year, however, is the complete opposite. It’s quite crazy thinking about what I did in the same month a year apart can be so drastically different.

Of course, we’re allowed to be outdoors, at least in New York City but I’m still paranoid and prefer to stay indoors. Traveling is a definite no-no for me and that includes domestic traveling 🙁 It’s really sad but you got to do what you go to do to stay safe and healthy.

What I Did in July 2019 vs July 2020

what i did in july 2019 vs july 2020

In July 2019,

1. Training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon

I participated in the Brooklyn Half Marathon last October 2019 so of course, training was needed… I still wonder what got into me, signing up for a half marathon, I could’ve started with a 5k but now it’s something I’m proud of when I talk about it. Oh okay, maybe not, I can still feel the pain that I felt on that very day.

what i did in july 2019 vs 2020 running training for brooklyn half marathon

For a person who hates running, it takes a lot of determination to run or jog for miles every weekend. Which was basically what I did. I tried running/jogging at different parks and places so I don’t get bored with just one place and give myself a reason to give up.

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2. Watched the Yankees play

Twice, in fact! I watched the Yankees last year twice. It was such a great experience and I love it! Well, maybe not the first time because we were stuck in the train for at least 30 minutes and was really running out of oxygen.

yankee stadium july 2019

I really enjoy just sitting and watching the game live, not shading or anything but I definitely will fall asleep if I were to watch baseball on TV. But being at the stadium, the atmosphere is so different. Seeing people in jerseys, buying nuggets and soda, seeing the advertisements and the ‘happy birthday’ wishes. I was really looking forward to watching another live Yankees game this year.

yankee stadium july 2019

I’ve never watched a live game before so it was great to be there. And when I say watch, I actually pay attention to the game the entire time I’m there. *cough, unlike some fans who are there but are on Instagram the entire time. 

Shame on me, I studied in Manchester, UK for 3 years and never watched a live football (soccer) game. In my defense, I’m not a big enough football/soccer fan to pay to watch a game live… However, I did wish I watched a live game when I was in the UK sigh. People may also visit sites like UFABET เดิมพันฟุตบอลสุดมันส์ to place their bets for the game.

yankee stadium july 2019
Food on the top, drink on the bottom. Who came up with this brilliant idea?

3. Visited Woodward, Oklahoma for the first time

My boyfriend’s from Woodward and there were a few reasons why it was a good idea to see where he grew up and get away from the bustling city.

It was mainly because of his 10th year high school reunion. I was definitely more excited than he was because I see this in movies and it’s not part of my culture to have a high school reunion for everyone in the same year.

Was it going to be in his high school gym?
I wondered how many people will show up.
Also, how is his high school like?
Is it anything like the ones we see on tv?

Well, sadly, the answer is no to all my questions.

It was a weekend trip and our Friday night flight was delayed! I’ve never felt so bored at the airport and at the same time, worried about our car rental as we were supposed to pick it up at Oklahoma before midnight. I don’t know whether it’s a non-NYC thing but the lady at the car rental company actually waited for us. And our flight reached at 1am. That’s really nice of her, it’s a Friday night, she shouldn’t be waiting for her til 1am! Or is this an Oklahoma thing – the party starts at 1am? (:

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I also thought it’ll be a good idea to be away from the bustling New York City and just enjoy nature. Thank goodness the weather that weekend was great! And for some reason, I love seeing animals around. I’ll start yelling “omg, cows!” when I see one. In fact, we actually stumbled upon a swine show. It was cute, funny and eye-opening, I definitely don’t know there was such a show. By the way, look at this bunny, isn’t it cute??

Aside from his high school reunion, which was great and seeing animals, I got to meet some of his really close friends. Most importantly, I got to experience Sonic Drive-In that he and another friend of mine from Texas keep talking about.

It was a short weekend but I got to see Woodward though… there’s really nothing much to see. Lots of grass, based on what I remember. And the clear blue sky, that was really beautiful. Additionally, I was really having a lack of sleep. We reached his home at 5am Friday night/Saturday morning and Woodward trip started 4 hours since then. It was quite a tiring weekend.

One year later, July 2020

It’s a completely different situation now. We have a global pandemic going on, millions of people in the US lost their jobs, there was a point where there’s a quota to purchase toilet papers and eggs… 

2020 calendar
This is, unfortunately, not useful this year

I’ve been staying indoors for the past 4 months, only leaving the house to go grocery shopping and now, to work. For those who still have their jobs, they’re working remotely in their pajamas, lots of Zoom related funny things that happened when working remotely first started. The new normal is to wear a mask out, sanitize your hands, wash your hands all the time. No indoor dining for restaurants, Broadway is closed until 2021, museums and any indoor entertainment places are basically closed. It’s all for our safety but it’s so depressing we all have to go through this.

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Oh yes, and nobody really knows what day it is anymore. We’re about 5 months away from the end of the year and I’m praying and hoping things will get better for not just this country but for the world. 

what i did in july 2019 vs july 2020

How was your July 2019 and July 2020? Was it extremely different?
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