Summer is pretty much over and that’s devastating.. There’re just so many activities to do during summer, too many I can’t do them all. In fact, I just realized I don’t have a list of summer to-dos. Or even a summer to-go list. I think I should have one for fall… One of the things I’ve been doing this summer is relaxing by the beach. Or beaches.

As you all know (or may not know), I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And if you don’t know, it’s bloody hot there, pretty much 90 degrees all year. It probably sounds good but wait til you’re bathing in your own sweat with the humidity level of about 80%. For 24 years I’ve been in KL, I’ve never liked the idea of going to the beach.

beaches in new york far rockaway queens new york city
Beach? What beach?

But the weather here is so good during the summer that I actually look forward to going to the beach. And this summer I went to not one, not two but three beaches in New York. Really exciting! Plus, you get to enjoy the sunset while relaxing under the blue sky.

Rockaway Beach, Queens

Located in Far Rockaway, this is the most convenient beach for me. You can take the A train from the city, just a 90 min train ride from midtown, no biggie. You can read your Kindle or take a nap. Or save your nap for when you’re at the beach, enjoying the breeze.

The weekend that I visited, there was a sandcastle building competition. Honestly, I’ve never actually built one myself (haven’t been to a beach in a long time) so I was excited to see what will be built. Not surprisingly, many were young kids who took part but I was so impressed at what I saw.

beaches in new york far rockaway new york city

  • Can get there by subway, bus or ferry
  • A huge beach, there’ll be enough space for everyone
  • Bars and food by the boardwalk – you don’t have an excuse to be hangry
beaches in new york far rockaway queens new york city
Or you can bring chips to the beach, whichever floats your boat
  • Try driving there, you’ll go mad when you take an hour to find a parking space

beaches in new york far rockaway queens new york city

Rockaway Beach Surf Club

Just had to include this although it isn’t a beach. But it’s located not too far from the beach and is famous for its tacos. This place is so cute too! It’s got a bar on the inside and outside and a long line of people waiting to get their hands on tacos served at the taco stand. The sun showed no mercy on the Saturday that I was there so it was a little difficult to get a shady spot. But all you need is just a little patience.

Rockaway Beach Surf Club queens new york city
Fish tacos and chips with guac
Rockaway Beach Surf Club queens new york city
The corn is delicious!

They’ve got other options such as black bean & cheese tacos, tofu tacos, etc. Not the biggest menu but it’s good enough to attract a whole crowd. Check out their menu here.

beaches in new york sunset at far rock away beach queens new york city
Sunset at one of the 3 beaches at New York – Far Rockaway Beach, Queens

Canopus Beach, Fahnestock State Park

This is a nice, sandy beach to take off your hiking shoes and relax. Take a dip in the cool water and you’ll immediately feel refreshed. Play with your dog on a nice sunny day or take a bite of your sandwich. You’re away from the busy city, a great time to clear your mind.

Even on a weekend, it wasn’t packed, I managed to find a nice spot with my own space. It just felt so perfect. I spent most of my time taking photos of my hike that I neglected the beach. Truth be told, I was exhausted by the time I got to the beach and I just wanted to lie down.

Canopus Beach, Fahnestock State Park

  • Nice relaxing spot after a hike
  • Also a nice, relaxing spot even without a hike
  • Not as packed with people (in my experience, at least)
  • It’s a $29 return ticket away from New York City
  • And a 15 min. drive from Cold Spring station

Transportation is my only concern here as I don’t drive and I had a bad experience when I got off Cold Spring station, you can read about it here.

Canopus Beach, Fahnestock State Park
The view from the train back to the city

Navy Beach, Montauk

A private beach overlooking Fort Pond Bay and Gardiner’s Island, we chose this beach one weekend to enjoy the sunset. And to get out of the city to take some beautiful photos.

eating chips at navy beach montauk new york
Chips is the perfect snack, really. And this one is delicious!

Aside from taking photos and posing, I finally learned stone skipping! I was shouting at the top of my lungs when I finally did it!

The best thing about being on the beach is that you forget all about time, it’s watching the sun slowly setting that makes you realize that it’s almost the end of the day. And here is what we have been waiting for the whole day:

Sunset at Navy Beach Montauk, New York
Mandatory sunset shot at Navy Beach, Montauk – one of the beaches in New York I visited this summer!

I love taking sunset shots no matter where I go. It’s something about the orange sun and the color of the sky that wows me every single time. And now, I have another reason to love sunsets.

  • As it’s a private beach, there are VERY FEW people
  • The view of the sunset here is absolutely stunning
  • Enjoy a glass of cocktail or beer with food whilst waiting for the sun to set
  • As it’s a private beach, it’s difficult to find a parking spot if you are driving all the way for this beach
  • I didn’t see any public restrooms nearby

Beaches In New York

sunset at navy beach, montauk

Three beaches that I’ve been to this summer. It gives me a good reason to leave the city. I really think I should go to the beach one last time before it gets chilly.

Which beaches have you relaxed at this summer? Let me know what food do you pack to snack at the beach too!

beaches in new york
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