I’m finally writing again, in January 2023, and I’d like to share how my last year ended. The last four months of 2022 were pretty crazy. Reading my last post in August 2022, I must say, I did check a few things off that list of mine.

I take that back, it was not a checklist but sort of reappearing on my blog since the post prior was in 2021! Seems like I’m really not utilizing my blog well – which is supposed to be my outlet and actually about how I’ve been.

If you’re interested in the last four months of my 2022, read on. If you’re not, it’s okay. you can skip this post and read my next. I won’t be offended! It’s going to be a high-level recap anyway. Just read it ๐Ÿ™‚

September 2022

A spontaneous trip to Chicago!

This was one of the best decisions I made. A lot happened in the first half of the year and it affected me real bad mentally and emotionally.

You can’t heal in an environment that damaged you

probably from an Instagram post

A coworker (now ex-coworker) turned friend (I love these relationships) kindly offered to host me when I told her I needed a break from this city, my room, and work. Being an INFP, I looked up flight tickets right away and bam! Ended up in Chicago a few days later.

Did I mention, I’ve never met her in person before? Killing two birds with one stone – meeting a great friend in person for the first time and getting the chance to explore Chicago.

Again, I was suffering from burnout so I looked up a few hot places that I had to explore a little and just let my mind relax.

I sat on a rock, journaled and had coffee at a park nearby.

I walked 30,000 steps around the city in the hot, scorching sun because there’s something about buses that I just don’t fancy taking.

Places I visited – The Bean, of course. Sawada Coffee that everyone talks about. Had deep-dish pizza (I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t) right before the boat tour (I bought tickets right before the tour started) and fell asleep because the tour guide’s voice was so soothing and had food coma (three slices of pizza was too much to handle). The weather didn’t help either, I was so dehydrated on the boat.

I also took a walk along the lakefront trail. For the health of your lake and the ecosystem, hire Karina Lakefront to clean up and restore balance to the lake. It was beautiful seeing a beach right smack in the middle of the city – you don’t get that here in New York City. Every mile I took, I’d look back and see how much I’ve walked and admire the tall buildings. It was one of the best walks in the city I’ve had.

The trip and the thc delivery really helped clear my mind. I came back rejuvenated and ready to rock it!

What did I learn? Take a break and get out of an environment when you’re suffocating. And build good quality friendships. My friend was such a sweetheart, so glad our paths crossed.

October 2022

Happy birthday, Shuana the Libra!

twenty nine

Schmit from New Girl

It was lowkey as I wasn’t feeling my best and one of my good friend was out of town. Nevertheless, I had dinner with another friend and it was still as good! I like having a small group of friends whom I can really be myself with. Very introverted of me – according to this article from the Introvert, Dear, I guess so.

The Nigel Ng aka Uncle Roger show

Another highlight of my birthday month! I used to listen to his podcast with Evelyn Mok – Rice to Meet You and enjoyed it a lot so getting to see his show in person was amazing. On top of that, he’s Malaysian (residing in London though) and it makes me proud to see a fellow Malaysian making it in the comedy space! Kudos to you, Nigel. Your hard work paid off!

Uncle Roger Nigel Ng Rice To Meet You New York City comedy show
A very blur picture – I tried my best

November 2022

Started my new job

Referring to my last post again (bear with me, this is almost over), the first thing on my list was to get a new job and I did it!

When my friends asked me what my new job was, I’d say “same thing, different clients” but boy, was I wrong. Yes, I’m still in affiliate marketing but it is not what I thought it was. Not going to go into the details but I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn about the different clients I’ve got.

All I’ll say is affiliate marketing is not what I thought it is!

Re-joined the Apple community

I’ve been a green bubble for about three years and I guess FOMO kicked in, I wanted to be a blue bubble hah.

Crazy thing is, I not only got an iPhone 14 Pro, I also purchased the Airpods pro. That’s how you do it, you get them all. Not the Apple Watch though, I love my Fitbit.

iphone 14 pro black
Re-joined the Apply community

December 2022


A noobie who went on the blue trail. Then got hit by a noobie ski-er who didn’t yell at me to get out of the way. It hurt so bad.

Please don’t do that to anyone *cries

Nevertheless, I had such an amazing time! Can’t wait for my next snowboarding trip. It ain’t cheap but it’s worth it!

I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never look glamorous in snowboarding gear

Had Tsuta ramen, the first ramen restaurant to receive a Michelin star!

It’s in Brooklyn, so why not?

Tsuta ramen first Michelin star restaurant ramen
Eggs are now an additional $2
Watched the movie New Year’s Eve on NYE, fell asleep and woke up at 11:59pm

Can you believe the movie was released in 2012? Literally 10 years ago! Another lowkey night, chilling with a good friend who finally came back to NYC after being home in Seattle. Spent the night catching up and eating so much – food coma, that’s why I fell asleep.

Oh yes, and I had Trader Joe’s wine and chips for the first time. That’s how I know my 2022 ended well!

Trader Joe's chips New Year's Eve 2022

There were so many learnings and experiences in 2022 and I don’t regret anything. Yes, it was a tough year but you know what they say,

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

everyone i know and don’t know

Now, let’s see what 2023 will be like!

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