New York Comic Con 2018 was amazing! I’ve been to NYCC last year but it’s my first time going as a character. And in this post, I’m sharing with you guys how it feels like being Fa Mulan for ONE day.


Decide who you want to be

Mulan in the subway station
Mulan takes the subway too

Since it’s my first time going to an event with thousands of people, I didn’t have the confidence to go all out. So I looked for something simple. What I was thinking before I chose this character:

  • Asian
  • Black hair
  • Simple make up
  • Props not necessarily needed
  • Can wear flats; I won’t be able to do heels for 5 hours

Ok. Got it. Mulan it is.

But which one?

Here are a couple of Mulans to choose from

My choice was either #3 or #6. In the end, I went for #6 because I didn’t have to tie my hair or paint my face white. I finally found the outfit on Amazon here and the price seemed pretty decent. If you’re going to be warrior Mulan, then buy samurai sword online for an epic costume.

I also got it altered as my arms and legs were too short

October 7, Sunday

Why you should dress up

  • Blending in

I decided to dress up this year as I figured it’ll be easier to blend in, I don’t feel confident enough in a t shirt and shorts asking for a picture with the other cool characters. You can shop for simple long prom dresses online.

Hello there Clementine and MIB
  • Approach and be approachable

It’s not surprising kids will want to take pictures because duh, Disney princess. It’s also not surprising that Mulan attracts young adults because again, duh, Disney princess. I’m born in the 90’s so Disney definitely played a huge part of my life growing up. No, that’s not right, it still does, lots of my favorite movies are Disney movies, check them out here.

“I want to take a picture with Mulan!”
  • The joy of meeting characters similar to yours

Mulan and family
They’re all part of the Mulan family, so cute!

As a Disney princess, it was exciting to meet another Disney princess. I saw a few others – Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin and Jasmine

Mulan and Megara
The “M” Disney sistas – Mulan and Megara (sorry, that’s really lame)
  • Posing for photos

Being in character just gives you another opportunity to pose anywhere with anyone for a picture and I admire people who put in so much effort to dress up as similar as their character as possible. Not only that, they pose like their character too.

Bring it on, boys!
  • It’s all about the confidence

When I first stepped into the hall full of professional cosplayers and people who are so confident in themselves, all I thought was “will anyone want to take a picture of me? with me?” The answer is yes, there will always be someone in the room who will pay attention to you.

I had a really good time at NYCC 2018 just by walking around and appreciating everyone else who dressed up and am definitely looking forward to next year’s. There’s so much more to do and see at Comic Con, for example, the exhibitors, panel, screenings and many more. I barely had time to check them all out. Guess there’re always next year (: Any suggestions on who I should go as next year?

Mulan needs her carbs to fight
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