And with a blink of an eye, Christmas is over. It just feels like it went by way too fast as we’ve all been in the Christmas mood for over a month. It’s my second Christmas in New York City and I decided to become a tourist in NYC, the decorations just seems more beautiful than ever. I got to spend Christmas with my family this year and it was just amazing to have everyone together, even though we were all so loud. So how was Christmas for you? I’m assuming you’re shy to go first? It’s alright, I’ll share mine with ya.

The Christmas tree

Beautiful, ain’t it? Nah, mine’s way cooler. And it doesn’t take up a lot of space, how practical. Besides, we all need just a tree to “cover” the gifts that we’ve wrapped, don’t we? Yes, this is my Charlie Brown Christmas tree which I received as a white elephant gift last year. Never been happier!

Giving and Receiving

Since my family isn’t too big on Christmas and I don’t know many people here, my Christmas gift list is really short. This is the only good thing about moving to a new city and not knowing many people. However, there will always be a couple of gifts that I do have to prepare, such as putting together some lovely gift hampers brisbane for those closest to me.

  • a white elephant gift which is under $10
  • for myself (I definitely deserve a gift from myself)
  • for my bosses
My cousin who’s been so helpful and welcoming since I moved here.

With giving comes receiving. And I need to share that I got another Christmas tree AND IT’S NEON from the white elephant gift exchange! Seems like I’m just collecting Christmas trees each year, wonder who will get me one next year..

Along with the tree, I got some other gifts including from myself, my favorite being the shimmering Pandora ring, it’s so beautiful. And yes, you did not miss it. That 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner was one of the gifts received – not for me though haha. But hey, this is DEFINITELY practical.

Celebrating with people who matter to you

“Christmas is a time to be with the people you love.” – Love Actually

I got to spend Christmas Eve with my boyfriend, relatives and my relative’s relatives and it was fun. A nice get together to see everyone again, have a good laugh with games and the most awaited time of the day – presents. So I’m thankful that I’ve got a great family who is warm and welcoming, can’t ask for more when I’m so far away from my friends and my other relatives.

As you can tell from my shirt, you know how much I love Friends (I have a post about the Christmas episodes which are amazing!) haha. In fact, there was another design that I wanted but it was sold out. Trust me, I was devastated.

Sad that it’s not a white Christmas this year though. Bummer. But I hope everyone had a good time with your loved ones and received gifts that you wished for! Nothing feels better than getting something you really want.

She had just as much fun as I did this Christmas. This cutie sends her love to everyone!

Ready to share your Christmas story? Comment below!

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