We’re halfway through our first month journey of the year and I still can’t believe how fast time passes! Anyway, the best 3 weeks you can ask for with great deals being offered around New York City is here! If you’re looking to visit around this time of the year whether it’s now or next, it’s not too late to plan.

NYC Restaurant week

from January 21 to Feb 8. For all you foodies out there, this will be the best two weeks to go round to city, trying various cuisines that city has to offer. Restaurants which on usual days serve you a plate of appetizer which costs more than your lunch.. Yea, just go with Restaurant Week.

Lunch for $26 (appetizer and main) and dinner for $42 (appetizer, main, dessert) with a prix fixe menu from Monday to Sunday! I’ve been to a couple of restaurants during last year’s Restaurant Week, maybe I’m just good but the ones that I chose didn’t disappoint me. Please don’t ask which ones I’ve been to, I hate to say this but I don’t remember..

Right now, I have two restaurants on my list – The Palm Tribeca and The Tuck Room. Been tied up with work lately and haven’t done much research on which restaurants that I should try, definitely will be looking for more!

Really, I’m already excited!

NYC Broadway week

IT’S MY FAVORITEEEEEE WEEK! Yes, I love Broadway. So so much. This 2-for-1 deal is just perfect for someone like me. Someone who bought tickets to see Waitress for the 3rd time. Yes, that’s how much I love it. Ok, I do have to say, I didn’t get the tickets for Waitress during Broadway week, I got them because Sara Bareilles is performing (until Feb 3). I think I should write a post about the musical.. hmm..

Ok back to Broadway week.

I never knew how much I’d love Broadway until I moved to NYC. Since the ticket prices can get a little hefty (depending on the seats you choose, of course), this deal is perfect. You can check out the shows participating in Broadway Week here, seems like a few of them are already sold out and when I was looking for tickets, most of the shows I wanted to watch have very few seats available 🙁

So I’m here to tell you to give Waitress a shot if you haven’t watched it. Unfortunately it’ll be participating only from Feb 4 to 10 as Sara Bareilles is currently performing. Anyway, I’ve already gotten tickets for The Book of Mormon and The Band’s Visit and I’m so excited for it!

Are you into Broadway? Which are your favorite shows?

NYC Must See Week

And finally, whether you’re a tourist or a local, I’m sure there is somewhere you’ve been wanting to visit. I love being a tourist in my own city (like what I did during Christmas) so I’m going to give this a try, depending on the weather because most of the time I just want to stay in bed when it’s freezing outside.

One of the tours that I’ve always wanted to join is the On Location Tours. Sex and The City, Gossip Girl, Friends (my most loved show) and so many more shows which are shot in NYC that we can visit! Oh and Netflix’s YOU was also shot in NYC though I believe it won’t be part of the tour. The only thing holding me back from getting this $24.50 ticket is that I’d have to risk my poor fingers and face being out in the cold and me all wrapped up like a penguin when taking photos. I have some time to reconsider but if you’re visiting, you can definitely consider this!

Times Square, NYC
NYC, here we come!

Where in NYC would you like to visit or do?

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