I’m sure most people have heard of Comic Con, whether you’re a geek or not. In fact when you say Comic Con, I think of The Big Bang Theory right away. New York Comic Con is the largest convention of the year aside from San Diego’s and it’s a 4 day event. Thousands of fans fill the Javits Center every year bringing out their inner creativity whether through their costumes or their knowledge about this whole other reality.

So you may ask, why should I go for Comic Con? I’m not the biggest fan, is it worth the experience? Based on my experience and my own opinions, I have a few reasons why you should attend Comic Con at least once in your life!

new york comic con javits cetner

Expressing yourself, be yourself

I live in New York and everywhere I go, I see everybody on the streets dressed the same. New Yorkers in work outfits everywhere especially when I head to Manhattan in the evenings. It gets boring after a while. This event is the one place for you to express who you are and what your personality is. Even if you are role-playing, it doesn’t matter!

The moment I got off the subway at my first Comic Con, walking to the Javits Center, I was in awe how much time and effort people put into their costumes and props. On top of that, whether you’re in a simple costume or an extravagant one, it takes a lot of self confidence to walk out of your apartment or home as a whole different person.

And you know what, don’t be afraid of being judged. Don’t even care if you’re being judged!

new york comic con javits center

Cosplayers and Networking

Seeing so many cosplayers for the first time, the first thing on my mind was to get a picture with them. And I was surprised they passed me their business cards after the picture. So yes, Comic Con is a great place to network. Professional cosplayers, photographers or even just fans, when do you get a chance to be in a room full of thousands who share the same interests?

Walking around the Javits Center, you’re bound to bump into your favorite character. Most of them are more than happy to take a picture with you, I haven’t met one who said no to a picture. As I’m typing this, I can’t help but smile at how many interesting characters I saw at my last Comic Con.

There was The Night King from Game of Thrones, Disney princesses, Guardians of the Galaxy (Groot’s my favorite!) and many more. And look at me, I found a family that I belong to!

Mulan and family costume cosplay role play disney princess
I somehow fit in

new york comic con

Celebrities, Panels and Screenings

Many celebrities do turn up at Comic Con and there are even autograph and photo sessions available. Just check out the schedule and plan yours ahead of time. Before you get too excited, let me just say, taking a picture with Paul Rudd will cost you $200. That’s a pretty hefty sum to me.. Also keep in mind that you may be in line up to 2 hours just to get a glimpse of your favorite celebrity.

Comic Con is also where you get exclusive screenings of upcoming shows or movies. Panels are also there for discussions, the casts sharing their experience and thoughts about the show or movie. Of course, fans also have the chance to ask questions. Fangirls and fanboys, this is for you!


I’m not afraid to say that I’m one of those who have FOMO. I’m not a big comic fan nor am I a cosplayer. I just want to do a little bit of everything. It’s my way of finding my passion but I digress. And who knows, I may meet an awkward person some day who’s into this and at least I’ll be able to have a conversation about Comic Con.

My FOMO includes

The feeling of stepping into a whole different reality and seeing so many different characters. Who’d expect the Night King and Groot to exist in the same world. Weird, huh?

mulan cosplay javits center new york comic con

Last but not least,

You’ve got your Halloween costume!

I don’t think you’ll want to dress as Groot for Halloween but there are other characters that you can pull off for both events. I went to Comic Con last year as Mulan and recycled my $90 outfit for Halloween, that’s a good deal.

I didn’t dress up for Comic Con the year before but I did get something for Halloween. If I thought of that earlier, I’d totally wear my Halloween outfit to Comic Con!

popeye and olive for halloween costume

The bottom line,

This is a convention and event and experience that’s worth it. I’m so glad I tried it out and I’m definitely looking forward to attending it again. Now I have one year to think about what my costume will be. And of course, set a budget.

Have you attended Comic Con? How was your experience and were you in a costume?

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