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til winter starts and my fellow gals, our layering opportunity is here! A couple of weeks back, I found a pair of jeans from H&M for less than $10, I bought it immediately, duh! I know this isn’t an impulsive purchase because you can wear jeans with practically anything for any occasion. Immediately I knew what I can wear it with and here are 4 looks I’m sharing with you:

Skinny High Ankle Jeans - Dark denim blue - | H&M
$9.99 jeans from H&M

My first look

is a casual look, heading to a cafe or chilling at Bryant Park, walking around the city, squeezing with everyone else in the subway.

Casual outfit with jeans
You can’t go wrong with denim on denim

I was heading out to a cafe in Manhattan to work on my blog (just needed a change in environment) and jumped into this pair of jeans and a bag big enough to fit my laptop – it looks small but it’s surprisingly spacious on the inside. Was a little chilly that day but I still decided to go with a denim jacket.

Casual outfit with jeans
Floral top – H&M; Denim jacket – Uniqlo; Bunny shoes (limited edition for Easter) – TOMS; Snoopy bag – from a random store at Comic Con

This outfit leans towards the cute side, I dress like this sometimes just for fun (though I’m in my mid 20s but Idc) and there are just no rules to fashion, it all depends on what you want to pair with right at the moment.


is one of the excuse reason to go shopping! And that’s because it goes well with everything. Whether it’s flat or a 2 inch pair of boots, it changes your look.

A picture with a pumpkin is mandatory when it’s fall

I’ve been wanting to get a pair of 2 inch ankle boots for the longest time. Living in NYC, having to walk around the city with my feet slanted 3 inches above the ground will definitely kill me. And that’s just walking. We need to factor in the standing in the subway when  are no seats and when your journey can take up to an hour. Or the running-for-the-bus moment on NYC’s crappy pavement that aren’t flat. I find that flat boots make my legs look shorter (I already have short legs) and having slight heels will help elongate the look of my legs.

Poncho – Ralph Lauren; Top – SheIn; Boots and bag – Tory Burch

It’s my first time wearing a poncho and I’m loving it! I’ve seen pictures on Pinterest and love this fashionable look. Just so happy I have one in my wardrobe right now, got to thank the boyfriend for spotting it when we were at Ralph Lauren, I must admit, he does have good taste in clothes.

Heading to a bar for drinks?

Yup, I think jeans. Of course, that’s not the only place of jeans and heels but it’s one of the many options, especially when you have 10 mins to get ready.

Jeans with heels
Just make sure you can balance on your feet when one leg is up. Learn that or you’ll fall in the middle of the city.

I’m all about heels, started wearing them since I was 15 but since I moved here:

1. I don’t have many friends to go out for drinks with;
2. I’m too lazy to go out for drinks and be too tipsy to take the train home;
3. Walking in heels in the city will be a real pain. Literally.
4. I think I’m getting old, I’d rather stay home and chill with my beloved Netflix (check out my fav. childhood movies here) or just work on my blog

And the list goes on..

Top – Michael Kors; Clutch – vintage store; Shoes – New Look

I must say I fell in love with this top the moment I had my eyes on it, as it was on sale, I was praying that I can fit into it and I could! The bright orange just fits in so well with the fall theme and hey, if you haven’t been around pumpkins this year (read my experience here at a pumpkin patch this year), you can always look like one!

Don’t you love this look?

T-shirts, of course

is another look. T-shirts with heels is another option for a casual night out, for dinner maybe.

T-shirts are the casual-est of the casual-est but pairing it with jeans and heels changes the look entirely. Adding a statement necklace will definitely give this look a pop.

Trench coat – DKNY

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an outfit for a night out, I would wear it to brunch with my girls. A crossbody bag will match well as I hate having a big bag, especially when you’re at a crowded restaurant, there’s just nowhere to fit my bag. Most of the time, it takes up half my chair and gets really uncomfortable.

There are so many other ways to pair jeans with – sweaters with sneakers, collared shirt with flats, long sleeved tops with knee high boots and many more! So tell me, which look is your favorite and what would you pair your jeans with?

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