Summer is when I smell flowers everywhere. Being in the city, I don’t get a chance to enjoy a farm full of flowers so my weekend adventure is to head to Lavender by the Bay on East Marion, Long Island, New York. The cherry on top was also getting to see sunflowers on the way to the lavender farm!

Can you think of anyone who doesn’t like flowers?

Many of the friends I met in the United Kingdom (I did my undergrad at the University of Manchester) traveled a lot, especially during spring, that’s when my Instagram would be flooded with pictures of tulips and with tulips since the Netherlands ain’t too far from the UK. Here I am, three years later, and in New York, being surrounded by these gorgeous sunflowers and lavenders for a day!

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First flower stop: Sunflower Farm

On our way to the lavender farm we drove past a sunflower field and it just took my breath away. As this was totally unplanned, I was even more excited seeing the flowers surrounding me. Two weeks later, I found out that we were at Patty’s Berries and Bunches.

Bouquet of flowers in a wheelbarrow
Isn’t this beautiful?

Should I get a bouquet of flowers?

That shouldn’t be the question! you should be asking yourself, why not? From time to time, it’s nice to buy ourselves a bouquet of flowers. When you’re having a miserable day, they’ll be there to lighten you up. For me, I moved into a new place just a week back and everybody knows when you walk into a room with flowers, it’ll turn your frown upside down!

So yes, the answer is to get yourself flowers!

The only question is how you’re going to bring them back on a two-hour car ride. It wasn’t easy for me, they were placed between my thighs the entire car ride and I had to make sure they weren’t leaning on me. No one likes squashed flowers.

A bouquet of flowers

Such gorgeous sunflowers

Next flower stop: Lavender By The Bay

Welcome to Lavender By The Bay
Yes, the entrance fee is $9. Fortunately for it, no entrance fee is required!
Purple lavenders
Dried lavenders are sold at their gift shop

How did I spend my time with lavenders?

Like how everyone else spent theirs:

The journey is everything
Enjoying the lavender farm
No, I have no idea you're taking a shot of my back
More pictures!

Last stop: gift shop smelling like lavender

Lavender by the Bay gift shop

The shop smelled so good with all the lavender products. From dried lavender flowers to hand cream, essential oil, sachets, and more, I’d be spending an hour in the store if I weren’t dragged out.

If you missed this year’s lavender season and you’re located in New York City, they are at Union Square, check out their market schedule here.

I can’t wait to go back to the farm. Lavenders are now my favorite flower!

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