I took a long break

I’ve been away for many months and I do want to start blogging again! Honestly, I still don’t have a plan but I started this blog to share my thoughts, journey, and whatever that’s on my mind. And I want to continue doing it. I guess you can say I took a break, a long break and it’s time to be back!

On top of that, I haven’t been active on my social media accounts – Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest too. I haven’t been engaging with other bloggers nor reading blog posts, I know that everyone has a lot of interesting things to share despite what’s going on in the world right now. I’ve been going through some downs and social media wasn’t helping me…

So anyway,

I can’t believe I started my blog in 2018, that’s almost 2 years! I’ve come so far and will continue to move forward!


I don’t have a big following and I reckon no one knows me at all haha but I’m glad I made the decision to pay for this domain (lol) and share how i’ve been with myself and to people who’ve been reading (thank you!).

I do take breaks once in a while from writing but this one was a really long one. Thought it’ll be great to just share with you guys that I still enjoy writing on this blog.

Many loves!