Hello to the second month of the year! I’m really excited about this month as I have three different celebrations to look forward to. There is not only Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year in February but also my boyfriend’s birthday. The pandemic isn’t over so it’ll be challenging to get together for celebrations. It’s important to stay safe!


Chinese New Year

Valentine’s Day


January Recap

I had a few posts to share in January but unfortunately, I didn’t meet my deadlines. Though, here is a post looking back on 2020 which I shared earlier this year.

A while back, I remember reading a LinkedIn post, the author gave herself a challenge every month to learn something new. I was inspired by the post and tried putting together a list of intellectual things but ended up not committing to it.

January was a great month for a challenge – to watch all the Marvel movies from Iron Man (2008) to Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). Glad I finally finished them as I’ve been looking forward to starting WandaVision!

Moving on to February.

As I’m of Chinese descent, my family celebrates Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year. It is also one of the biggest celebrations in Malaysia, gathering with family, especially on the first few days then with friends.

Chinese New Year

I’ve moved to New York for about four years and haven’t been back to Kuala Lumpur for Chinese New Year. Even when I was studying abroad for my undergrad, I didn’t return home for three years when I was away.

chinese new year penang malaysia
Chinese lanterns in Penang, Malaysia

Thankfully my parents are here with me this year for Chinese New Year. I’m definitely looking forward to the good food my mom prepares.

Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days and the last day of the celebration is also Chinese Valentine’s Day. It is more accurately known as Lantern Festival. Back in ancient times, girls are restricted to go out on regular days so lovers would meet enjoy the lights and guess riddles on lanterns during this festival.  

Valentine’s Day

Also known as St. Valentine’s Day, February 14 is the day when lovers express their affection. It is also the day social media platforms will be overflowing with pictures, videos, boomerangs of lovers.

Valentine’s Day has evolved over the years for people who are not in a relationship. There is also Galentine’s Day, expressing love for your girlfriends.

valentine's day social media instagram facebook tiktok snapchat twitter

Valentine’s Day and my boyfriend’s birthday is just days apart so I don’t expect us to do anything fancy for Vday. I used to enjoy spending time with him, making a simple meal at home and getting food coma after.

Again, we’re still in a pandemic. So no Valentine’s Day and a big birthday celebration together. Nevertheless, I do allow myself to wonder what we’ll be doing if it wasn’t for the pandemic.

We did celebrate his birthday together last year, had dinner, and watched a really nice show together. A show his friends’ girlfriends wouldn’t bring them to watch, I suppose.

valentine's day boyfriend's birthday february
I miss dressing up and eating out

Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day in February

chinese new year lunar new year valentine's day in february

Now that we’re moving on to the second month of the year, I’m definitely welcoming the month with a positive mindset. January has been great but February will be better! Do you have anything to look forward to in February?

Happy February!
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